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Your brows are the frame for your eyes and face. When properly designed the brows can lift the eye area giving a more youthful appearance.

If your eyebrows are sparse from tweezing or alopecia, or if your brows are naturally blonde or light in colour you can now enjoy the satisfaction of defined and balanced eyebrows.

Eyebrow Definition

This procedure creates a consistant definition and and mimics the appearance of pencilled brows. The method is effective for those with thin brows or to boost an established shape.

Eyebrow Hair Simulation

Combinations of colour are blended and applied to the brow area in very fine strokes. Utilising this method will give the eyebrows a three-dimensional effect with the appearance of hair simulation.

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Eye Liner

A fine, soft and natural line can be created to add depth of colour or definition to the eyes. Your lashes will appear to be thicker and more balanced. Colour and thickness can be individualised and make-up can be applied over the eyeliner for a more enhanced evening look.

Eyelash Enhancement

This procedure differs from an eyeliner procedure in that rather than creating a consistent line, a serices of single pigment implants are made along the base of each individual eyelash root. The resulting effect will give a very subtle and natural enhancement, creating and impression of thicker lash growth.

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Lip Lines

This procedure is perfect for reshaping uneven lips and for making the lips appear larger and fuller. It also has the benefit of preventing lipstick from bleeding. The pigmentation covers scars and can give your lips a natural or more dramatic blend of colour enhancement with colour and definition that lasts all day, every day.

Lip Line

The procedure for those seeking a defined edge to their lips, in order to add strength to a shape that is already present or to add a bolder colour.

Lip Blend

This procedure is a more advanced version of the lip line. The pigment colour is blended further into the lip vermillion to produce a softer transition of definition. This method is essensial for making thin lips appear realistically fuller.

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Other Procedures

Beauty Marks

A simple beauty mark can be achieved quickly and can be used to cover a small scar or can be used for its traditional purpose of drawing attention to the eyes or lips. Tge beauty mark can be coloured in vivid black or can be tinted subtly to provide the impression of a natural mark.

Paramedical Applications

Permanent cosmetics have valuable applications far beyond 'beautifying' the face. Many people live with scarring as a result of accidents, illness, birth defects and surgery. When your self-image and self-esteem have been affected, resonstructive dermagraphics can help restore your confidence.

Scars, resulting from cosmetic surgery procedures can be blended and subdued. Nipples can be re-pigmented after breast reconstruction. Areas of skin depigmentation caused by symptoms such as vitiligo can be camouflaged.

Reconstructive dermagraphics can sometimes provide the 'finishing touch' to surgery.

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