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Are the procedures painful?

There is usually minimal discomfort for most people; it is generally comparable to waxing or tweezing. Topical anaesthetics are used to reduce any further discomfort and limit any post procedural swelling.

How long with the results last?

The duration of results will vary according to the individual, area of pigment placement, strength of definition and saturation of pigments used. The expectation os between two and five years, during which time the pigment will gradually soften until it fades completely. At this point you can choose to return for a reapplication or can resume make-up application.

Are permanent cosmetics safe? Do you use sterile equipment?

Safety and hygiene are the paramount priorities in this type of procedure. At all times the strictest sterilisation and hygiene procedures are adhered to. Only brand new sterile needles and equipment will be used. These will be opened in front of you and everything disposed of after each client. The pigments and equipment used in these procedures have been specifcially designed for the purpose of micropigmentation and are manufactured to exacting standards.

Who decides on the shape and colour to be applied? What if styles change?

You do. There is a vast range of colours, and virtually any colour can be mixed to compliment your natural skin tones. The shape and colour is always drawn in for your approval prior to applying the semi-permanent colour. If you are unsure of what will suit you then your technician will be able to advise you. As professional technicians we will never apply a shape that is too 'fashion influenced'. All colours are custom blended to compliment your skin tone, eye and hair colour, resulting in a soft and natural appearance.

Is it expensive?

Not if you look at the long-term cost and effect. It may initially cost more than a cosmetics bill, but is little compared to three to five years of daily make-up expenses. Also, unlike other facial procedures, micropigmentation provides a lasting benefit, not to mention the time saving element, which could well prove to be wor the cost alone.

Post procedural information

You can resume most of your normal activities immediately after any of the procedures. In some cases there may be a little redness or swelling of the treatment area, but this will subside quickly.

The treatment area will take between five and seven days to heal, depending on procedure. You will be given a detailed after care leaflet and instructions after any procedure.